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Judiciary tax and Accounting Expertise that provide solutions in the taxation field
and specialized assistance in communicating with the tax authorities
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specialized in transfer pricing, with a global presence
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Over 800 multinational companies
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Our Services

Our Services

We consider that our trumps are generated by competence, experience and specialization. We chose to enter a niche segment and thus accumulated a vast experience, becoming a natural partner with which you intersect when searching for a professional approach.

Transfer Prices

Our service comprise of: the planning stage (establishing a transfer pricing policy or assistance for concluding an advance pricing agreement), the documentation stage (drawing up the transfer pricing documentation, drawing up procedures for applying the price) or the dispute stage.

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Tax Consulting

Our services comprise of assistance in proactive conformation to the tax and accounting regulations by monthly/quarterly/bi-annual revisions of the activity of the tax department or by providing assistance on individual tax and/or accounting related questions.

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Judicial tax and accounting expertise

We are collaborating with some of the most prestigious law practices in Romania for representing their clients during litigations.

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About Us

Viboal FindEx reunites a team of professionals in taxation, transfer pricing and tax litigations in order to provide solutions for tax related issues and specialized assistance for successfully interacting with the tax authorities.


Our team and extended collaborator network contain professionals with a vast experience in the academic field or in large consulting firms, which are members of the main Romanian professional chambers: CECCAR (The Romanian Expert Accountant an Authorized Accountant Corps), CCF (The Tax Consultant Chamber), ANEVAR/UNEAR (The National Union of Authorized Evaluators in Romania)


 Our vision

Our purpose is to reduce the risks and tax costs for our clients by setting good tax practices, by checking tax conformation and by insuring a correct process for evaluating the tax conformation in relation to the tax authority.

 Our values

– Commitment in exceeding the client’s expectations,

– Recognizing the importance of flexibility and providing the results at an opportune moment

– Exigency and care for fulfilling responsibilities

– Competence founded on a history of good results and continuous improvement

– Professionalism and integrity in relation to our business partners

 Our approach

We apply a vision assumed through continuous professional development, by applying procedures meant to offer consistency in approach and to eliminate omissions, by focusing on a work culture where we stimulate responsibility, attention and reaction towards the client, in an informal and relaxed work environment.

The founding partners of Viboal FindEx are constantly implicated in holding courses on taxation and transfer pricing, contribute by writing articles for specialized publications or contribute to the writing of books on taxation subjects.

Our Team

The Viboal FindEx team currently numbers 30 employees, grouped in two working departments – Tax consulting/Tax revision and transfer prices. The management is provided by three partners – two partners dedicated to tax consulting and one dedicated to transfer pricing.

Vigi Radu

Transfer Pricing Partner

Vigi has over 12 years of experience in the financial area. Starting with 2010 Vigi has dedicated exclusively to transfer pricing and has coordinated the issue of more than 350 transfer pricing files. He is a qualified evaluator with ANEVAR, more exactly enterprise evaluation and is studying for obtaining the title of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Delia Cataramă

Tax Partner

Delia is an university lecturer within the Academy of Economic Studies, Finance chair. With an experience of over 18 years in the financial area, Delia has held the position of Tax Director within CECCAR, general secretary at IFA Romania and member of the central IFA nomination committee. Delia holds the tax consultant and expert accountant qualifications.

Bogdan Costea

Tax Partner

Bogdan has over 12 years of experience in the financial area. Bogdan is specialized in the tax consulting area, being actively implicated in drawing up the tax legislation, as a representative of ARSIT. Bogdan holds the tax consultant and expert judiciary accountant qualifications and is an ACCA member.


Our competencies consist of documenting and planning transfer prices, providing proactive tax conformation for our clients and assisting them during tax inspections, but also in tax litigations through services of judiciary expertise.


Transfer pricing files

Over 500 transfer pricing files drawn up for entities in Romania, both national groups but also subsidiaries of multinational groups.


Billions of Euros turnover

Engaged in issuing transfer pricing policies globally valid for multinational groups with a consolidated turnover of over 2 billion Euro.

VAT Returns

Our proactive assistance and competent implication during tax inspections have led to the reimbursement of over 95% of solicited VAT.

Won trials

85% of clients, for which ViboalFindEx supplied expert services, have won trials with ANAF

Key figures

Viboal-FindEx means:

Transfer prices 95%

Tax consulting 90%

Tax expertise 97%

Over 800 clients

Over 52 annual tax newsletters

Latest articles

Here you can read the latest articles published by our team:


Transfer prices represent an area with a cross border focus by definition. Being part of a dedicated network is a natural must for a specialization which requires unique technical competencies. Viboal FindEx is member of an independent network of practitioners specialized in transfer prices, with a global presence – Kondor Global. More details regarding the global presence of Kondor Global can be found by accessing the webpage https://kondorglobal.com.

  • Starting with August 2022, following the invitation received, Viboal FindEx became a member of the International VAT Association (IVA). You can find more details on IVA by accessing the website www.vatassociation.org

    International VAT Association (IVA)

  • Viboal FindEx is exclusive member in Romania of Kondor Global – an alliance with global network specialized on transfer pricing, business restructuration and tax litigations. Kondor Global is comprised of professionals with 35 year expertise in the field of transfer pricing, accumulated as a consequence of practice in academic environment, Big 5, tax departments within multinational entities or regulatory organizations on transfer pricing.

    Kondor Global over 35 years experience


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