Viboal FindEx managed to position itself as an appreciated alternative to the services offered by the major consulting firms, participating in international competitions like an equal and competing with them through the value of the specialized articles and books written by the team’s members.

For better understanding our projects and our added value to our customers, we invite you to visit the presentation pages for our services where you will find information related to our and our customers’accomplishments.

Transfer prices

The transfer pricing analysis entails by the nature of the activity the examination of cross border transactions, thus the approach used by a network of professionals reuniting knowledge and local experience in each participating state to cross border transactions is the optimal solution.

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Tax Consulting

The Viboal FindEx tax consulting team disposes of specialized know-how in realizing tax consulting projects of high complexity, successfully competing with big international tax and audit firms.

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Tax and accounting judiciary expertise

We are working with top lawyer offices in Romania to represent our clients in tax litigations.

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