Viboal FindEx managed to position itself as an appreciated alternative to the services offered by the major consulting firms, participating in international competitions like an equal and competing with them through the value of the specialized articles and books written by the team’s members.

Below we present the results obtained by participating in international competitions where tax and transfer pricing projects were positively evaluated.

  • In 2012, the Viboal FindEx team was nominated during the European taxation projects granted by the prestigious publication International Tax Review for the following categories: Best Newcomer and Central European Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year.
  • After being nominated and after the votes received from the clients, Viboal FindEx was nominated by the International World Finance publication for the categories Best Tax Firm in Romania and Best Transfer Pricing Firm in Romania.
  • Also, Viboal FindEx was on the proposal list for annual taxation awards given by the DealMakers publication for 2012 in the category Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year – Central Europe

The inspiration and creative effort were appreciated during the year through the selection of articles which were published in the monthly tax magazine The Tax Courier.

  • In February 2012, the article created by our colleague Bogdan Costea was named the article of the month. The article was titled “Taxation of revenue received by directors – tax treatment before and after Urgency Government Ordinance no. 125/2011”.
  • In June 2012, the article created by our colleague Vigi Radu was named the article of the month. The article was titled “Simplification methods of the transfer pricing documentation (II)”. In 2012, the Q&A section made by our colleague Delia Catarama was named the best section from the magazine.
  • Delia Catarama is a doctor in economy and an university lector within ASE Bucuresti and has published, in collaboration with the members of the academic community, over 10 books, from which we mention: “Practical aspects regarding VAT”. “Taxation – from law to practice” – which appeared in 7 editions, “European tax and budgetary policies”.
  • Also, our colleague Delia Catarama has published over 30 articles in specialized magazines such as The Tax Courier, The Finance, banking and insurance magazine, The public finance and accounting magazine, The Economic tribune magazine, The financial studies magazine, The “Accounting, expertise and audit of businesses” magazine, Also, Delia is a member of the editorial committee of the Accounting, expertise and audit of businesses magazine, edited by CECCAR and permanent collaborator of the Tax Courier magazine.

The expertise and implication of the Viboal FindEx team is materialized by the permanent participation at consultative events organized by the main national and international organisms with preoccupation for the taxation and transfer pricing domains, such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Le Fédération Des Experts Comptables Européens or the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance

  • Viboal FindEx participated along with the main representatives of Altus Alliance at sending comments related to the revision of chapter VI regarding intangible assets from the OECD guidelines in order to clarify and enhance the utility of the material
  • Since 2004 Delia Catarama is the only CECCAR representative in the Direct and Indirect Tax work group of the Federation of European Expert Accountants, quality in which she participates at the process of consulting the business community regarding European tax directive projects.
  • Also, Delia participated at numerous consultations with the business environment with the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance in regard to law, government decisions or ordinance propositions with impact on taxation, from which we remind consultations regarding GO 34/2009, UGO 58/2010, or GO 125/2011. Due to international connections, Delia Catarama was the main driving force behind opening the Romanian branch of IFA, also being its general secretary between 2007 and 2010. During this period, Delia wrote numerous letters with comments related to legislative projects, many of which had results by impacting the final text of the law.